How to Mend or Replace a Broken Side Mirror

Our side mirrors, which provide essential blind-spot visibility, are essential for safe driving. A damaged side mirror can be both an annoyance and a serious safety risk. But don’t worry! You can usually take care of a damaged side mirror on your own or get professional assistance, depending on the severity of the damage. This guide will help you determine whether to replace or repair your damaged side mirror.

Evaluate the Damage

Give the mirror a thorough inspection before beginning any repairs. Is the entire housing shattered or loose, or is just the glass broken? If it’s simply the glass, it could be able to be replaced. On the other hand, significant damage to the housing may require replacing the entire side mirror assembly.

DIY Glass Replacement Repair

Consider a do-it-yourself repair if the mirror housing is undamaged and just the glass needs to be replaced. It is easy to find replacement mirror glass at car parts stores or online. This technique, however, calls requiring some mechanical know-how and adhering to particular instructions relevant to your car model.

Choosing the Appropriate Glass Replacement

Not every side mirror is made equally! You will need to select replacement glass that is particular to the make, model, and year of your car in order to ensure a good fit. Check the handbook or do an internet search with the specifics of your vehicle.

When Do-It-Yourself Doesn’t Work

Although changing the glass might seem like an easy remedy, not everyone can benefit from it. It’s advised to get professional assistance if you have substantial housing damage on your mirror or if you are uncomfortable working with car parts.

Getting Expert Assistance

Seeking help from a knowledgeable technician or car body shop can provide a stress-free, assured repair.  Auto Repair Services in Santa Barbara, CA have the know-how and equipment necessary to do the task quickly and guarantee that your mirror works properly.

Thinking About a Complete Replacing

Replacement of the entire side mirror assembly may be required, depending on the extent of the damage and the model of the vehicle. Dealerships, auto parts retailers, or junkyards can supply replacement assemblies. Typically, installation entails taking out the old component and carefully putting in the new one, making sure that the wiring connections are made correctly if applicable.


Your car doesn’t have to come to a complete stop because of a shattered side mirror. You can determine the best course of action, whether it be a DIY repair, expert aid, or a complete replacement, by evaluating the damage and taking your comfort level into account. Recall that driving safely depends on having a working side mirror, thus fixing the problem as soon as possible should be your top priority.